We received this lovely testimonial from a woman who lives in Exeter (South Huron) after learning of the community’s involvement in the Walk Friendly Ontario pilot:

“I just read the article that was about the test pilot for a few towns and walking.  I am from Exeter (South Huron).  After losing 30lbs since February by walking daily I gathered a group of 32 women who wanted to do the same… we call ourselves the Bulging Beauties.  Our group started in July and since then  we have lost as a group over 220 lbs. We’re all about working together.   In October we have another waive of women starting with us and it wouldn’t surprise me if we grow to 50 (the Beauties have been the talk of the town!).  We started walking every morning (not all come) Monday to Friday at 6:30 and since school has started and many of my girls are teachers…we start at 5:45 (not easy) as we didn’t want to quit.  On Sunday we head to the school track ….and do a “walking workout” there.  At night many of us hit the trail after dinner.  We have been blessed with a beautiful trail here.  Many lives of moms, wives and women are being changed as a result of just getting out of the house to go for a walk.  I was very pleased to see that South Huron was chosen for this test.”

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