What’s Speed Got to Do With It? Safe Kids Canada

Road Safety – Speed Facts  World Health Organization

Brampton Neighbourhood Traffic Management Guide

  • includes a broad range of initiatives including enforcement, but also education and engineering, to combat excessive speed on neighbourhood streets

Speed Management – A Road Safety Manual for Decision Makers & Practicioners (World Health Organization)

  • A comprehensive manual to manage road speeds to reduce road crashes and improve the safety of walkers and cyclists


Ajax Moves 3 Ways

  • comprehensive safety program for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists

Speed Display Boards (City of Brampton website)

Twenty is Plenty Where People Live (UK):

World Health Organization Decade of Action for Road Safety

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Ontario

Pedestrian Safety Program of the R.C.M.P.

Crash Support (Active Alliance website, Chicago, USA)


Safe Kids Canada PACE Car Program

20 is Plenty For Us Movement in the UK is featured in this STREETFILM video

  • a movement to see speed limits reduced to 20 MPH in residential and school areas




Decade for Action on Road Safety!/roadsafetydecade