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Ontario Regulation 239: Minimum Maintenance Standards for Municipal Highways (now includes section on standards for sidewalks)

Sidewalk Design, Construction, and Maintenance (Federation of Canadian Municipalities Best Practices Guides

See Click Fix (a web-based tool to allow reporting of infrastructure problems such as sidewalk maintenance issues)

Surefoot (City of Winnipeg website providing a daily Winter Walking Conditions Bulletin.  The first program in the world aimed at reducing injuries caused by falls on ice and snow through daily public bulletins)

Ottawa Walks website tool for reporting problems with walking infrastructure (Ottawa Walks Community Advocacy Group)

Trail Maintenance & Repair

Trail Building Toolbox (Rails to Trails Conservancy – U.S.A.)

  • This website contains a wealth of resources on trail building, trail maintenance and repair

The Ontario Trails Council

  • The website to visit for information about Ontario trails (development, management, maintenance, trails related training, where to find trails and trail related events, etc)
  • A comprehensive policy document for trailbuilding, specific to the Trans Canada Trail, but an excellent resource

 Trans Canada Trail Ontario

  • The website for the Ontario portion of the Trans Canada Trail, contains a wealth of trail related resources

Pedestrian Bridges & Tunnels

Improving the Pedestrian Environment Through Innovative Transportation Design (Institute of Transportation Engineers)

AASHTO Guide Specifications for Design of FRP Pedestrian Bridges, 1st Edition, 2008   $$$

Pedestrian & Bicycling Information Centre List of Resources for Pedestrian Bridges

SPACING Ottawa article on innovative pedestrian bridge design

Downtown Underpass Urban Design Guidelines (City of Calgary)

  • with emphasis on improvements to the public realm including pedestrian accessibility
  • won a national award from Canadian Institute of Planners in 2011

Pedestrian Signaling Systems

Ontario Traffic Manual – Book 12, Traffic Signals

A Technical Review of Pedestrian Signals in Canada (Canadian Institute of Traffic Engineers)

Pedestrian Crossings

Ontario Traffic Manual – Book 15, Pedestrian Crossing Facilities

Improving Pedestrian Safety at Unsignalized Crossings (Transportation Research Board – U.S.A.)  $$$

Pedestrian Safety at Grade Crossing Guide (Transport Canada – crossings of railway tracks)

Roadway Design

Geometric Design Guide for Canadian Roads (Transportation Association of Canada)              $$$

Road Design Guidelines from the Transportation Association of Canada

Improving the Pedestrian Environment Through Innovative Transportation Design  (Institute of Transportation Engineers)

NYC Street Design Manual (New York City Department of Transportation)

Traffic Calming

Traffic Calming in Canadian Urban Areas (Transport Canada)

Canadian Guide for Neighbourhood Traffic Calming (Transportation Association of Canada)  $$$

  • Traffic calming measures for local and collector streets within established urban residential areas
  • Primarily oriented toward retrofit situations

Making Streets Safe (Walk Boston)

Traffic Calming Design Guidelines (New York City Department of Transportation)


Footprints of Delight (Catherine O’Brien)

  • This article explores the concept of “Sustainable Happiness.”   It highlights the results of the “Delighful Places survey in which participants provided their experience of delightful places and offered suggestions for creating and sustaining such environments.
Parks, Recreation Settings, and Physical Activity (Canadian Fitness & Lifestyle Research Institute)
  • A research bulletin that indicates the features in a park or open space and the presence of trails can have a positive impact on physical activity levels

 Soul of the Community (Knight Foundation Report in partnership with Gallup)

Soul of the Community (website)

Soul of the Community (webcast of presentation in Red Deer, Alberta by Katherine Loflin)

Design of Walking Environments for Spiritual Renewal (Jody Rosenblat-Naderi)

  • A research document exploring the environmental design variables that encourage mental well-being and spiritual renewal through walking

Canada’s Top 100 Public Spaces  (Spacing Magazine) $$$

  • Reviews Canada’s top 100 public spaces – focuses on the aesthetics and amenities that make them great

The Re-Emergence of Public Squares (Project for Public Spaces)

NYC DOT Public Plaza Program (website – New York City Department of Transportation)

Crossing Pedestrians (City of Mississauga)

  • Fabulous example of the City working to shed its car-centric image by combining public art and a pedestrian crossing

Placemaking in the City of London (webpage from the City of London, Ontario)

Sidewalk Fixtures and Amenities (webpage from the City of Vancouver, BC)

Make Way for People (webpage on placemaking from the City of Chicago – which has one of the most ambitious pedestrian plans in the world)

Placemaking Chicago: Step-by-Step Guide (website of Chicago Metropolitan Planning Council & Project for Public Spaces)

Tactical Urbanism (The Street Plans Collaborative)

Play Streets (Webpage of Transportation Alternatives, NYC)

Forward Thinking on Behinds (NY Times Article)

The Step Seats of New York (Laughing Squid on-line resource)


Legible London (Walk21 Paper by Adrian Bell, Sustainable Transportation Coordinator, Transport London)

  • Presentation on one of the best practices in wayfinding from the City of London, England

Legible London (website)

Legible London: Can Better Signs Help Pedestrians Understand an Extremely Disorienting City?  (Slate Magazine Article)

Walk [Your City]  (website)

  • An open-sourced “guerrilla wayfinding” project focused on helping anyone create safe and healthy walkable environments.

Guerilla Wayfinding in Raleigh (Atlantic Cities)

  • An article about the guerilla wayfinding movement
Wayfinder NYC (website)
  • example of a mobile app to help walkers find the closest train, subway, or bus
General Resources                                                                                      

Urban Street Design Guide (National Association of City Transportation Officials – USA)

  • fantastic, comprehensive publication just released Oct 24, 2012!

Planning & Designing for Pedestrians & Cyclists  (Velo Quebec) $$$

  • A technical “how to ” manual for building walk friendly infrastructure
  • Available in French

School and playground areas and zones: Guidelines for application and implementation (Transportation Association of Canada)  $$$

 Online TDM Encyclopedia (T. Litman, Victoria Transport Policy Institute)

  • the world’s most comprehensive information resource concerning innovative transportation management strategies
  • It has thousands of hyperlinks that provide instant access to more detailed information, including case studies and reference documents.

Context Sensitive Solutions to Designing Major Urban Thoroughfares for Walkable Communities (Institute of Transportation Engineers)

New York City Pedestrian Safety Study Action Plan (New York City Department of Transportation)

  • This unprecedented study reviewed crash data from NYC over eight years, in order to identify the underlying causes and come up with a comprehensive plan to address those issues to further reduce pedestrian deaths and serious injuries

New York Safe Streets for Seniors Presentation (New York City Department of Transportation)

  • A presentation given by NYC DOT Commissioner Janet Sadik-Khan on the very successful program to reduce pedestrian crashes for seniors through engineering improvements

AASHTO Guide for Planning, Design, and Operation of Pedestrian Facilities (American Association of State Highway & Transportation Officials) $$$

Signalized Intersection Enhancements That Benefit Pedestrians (America Walks)

Why We’re Stuck at High Speeds and What We’re Going to Do About It (America Walks)

How Communities are Slowing Down (America Walks)

Engineering for Active School Travel (Canada Walks)

Design Plan for John St., Toronto (City of Toronto) containing good information on tree planting on the last page


Transportation Association of Canada

  • A national centre of transportation expertise

The Association of Pedestrian & Bicycling Professionals

  • USA based organization, with many Canadian members with a wealth of expertise on the design and engineering of pedestrian facilities

Walkable Communities Inc.

  • USA based organization with a wealth of expertise on all apects of walkable communities

Twenty is Plenty for Us

  • UK organization leading the successful movement to reduce speeds in residential areas and school zones to 20 miles per hour

Sustainable happiness:  http://www.sustainablehappiness.ca/

Communities in Bloom Ontario: http://www.cibontario.ca/

Master Gardeners of Ontario: http://www.mgoi.ca/

Artscape: http://www.torontoartscape.org/about-us

Artscape DIY Toolbox:  http://www.artscapediy.org/Home.aspx

The City of Vancouver’s Green Streets Program: http://vancouver.ca/engsvcs/streets/greenstreets/generalInformation.htm

Project for Public Spaces: http://www.pps.org/


Waterloo’s Complete Streets Treatment of Davenport Rd. – Winner of 2011 FCM Sustainable Communities Award

Dan Burden of Walkable & Liveable Communities explains road diets:


City of Mississauga’s Sidewalk Inventory Tracking Tool:


Vancouver’s Green Streets program…..


Creating great public spaces in San Francisco……

Environmental Protection Agency (USA) Smart Growth National Award Winner for 2011:

Normal, Illionois Roundabout design….



PPS Placemaking Blog: http://www.pps.org/placemaking/blog/

Artscape blog: http://www.artscapediy.org/Resources/Artscape-Blog.aspx

Arts on the Blog: http://artsontheave.org/2011/06/dumpsters-have-eyes-unveiling-today-at-3pm/



Project for Public Spaces: https://www.facebook.com/projectforpublicspaces


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