When you really think about it, making the case for a walking is easy. Below are some of the key reasons why walk friendly communities are so important, as well as some great evidence to back this up. To start a conversation about WALK Friendly Ontario in your community, print this overview about the program and the many benefits of being walk friendly.

Check out this short video to learn more about what a walk friendly community looks like.

Why are walk friendly communities so vitally important?  There are so many reasons.

Health & Well-being



- Economic Value: Active Transportation and Local Businesses

- Economic Value: Active Transportation to School

- Economic Value: Active Transportation and Your Health

- Economic Value: Active Transportation and Tourism

- Economic Value: Active Transportation and Air Quality




Consumer Demand
  • This report issued by RBC & Pembina Institute found that people desire walkable, “location-efficient” neighbourhoods: http://www.pembina.org/pub/2358
  • IPSOS Reid conducted a survey on behalf of the Ontario Professional Planners Institute which also found almost three quarters of Ontarians want increased emphasis on public transit (for which all trips start and end with a walk) and over fifty percent would like to see more emphasis on infrastructure for pedestrians: http://www.marketwire.com/press-release/-1703947.htm


Social Costs


Social Cohesion