Scoring process and designation

The application is divided into seven sections:

  • Community Information
  • Planning
  • Engineering & Community Design
  • Education & Encouragement
  • Enforcement
  • Evaluation
  • Summary

Scoring is based on the potential impact on walkability of the content addressed in each question. Points will be awarded based on a combination of standardized scoring for fixed-option questions and a sliding scale based on the judgment of our panel of expert reviewers. Additional points are awarded for responses to descriptive questions, e.g., “If yes, please describe” and “If other, please describe”.

Please answer all of the questions in the application as completely as you can. The judges cannot award additional points for information that is not provided.

Some questions may be worth more than others. For example, plans provide a community with a vision and guide for action; policies express values and leadership; and infrastructure and design is where plans and policies are reflected on the ground, providing for safe places to walk.

Designations and honourable mentions will be awarded based on the over-all score, as well as consensus among reviewers. Achieving true community walkability is a long process that requires commitment to improvement in all areas that are being assessed. Each level of designation will reflect the accomplishments of your community. It will be a challenge to other communities to follow in your footsteps, and a challenge to your own community to continue along the path to becoming even more walk friendly.

Click here for more information about completing the application and what we’re looking for.

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