May 6 -12, 2013 is the second UN Global Road Safety Week.  The ultimate goal of the Second UN Global Road Safety Week is to make a significant and long-lasting contribution towards making walking safe for the world’s pedestrians.  We can do our part by taking the opportunity to pull from the available resources key messages about pedestrian safety and share them broadly throughout the week via our websites and social media sites:

Here are the UN resources:


Making Walking Safe – An 8 page resource that gives a brief overview of pedestrian safety around the world:

Pedestrian Safety:  A Road Safety Manual for Decision-Makers and Practioners – Released this month, this is a detailed 100+ page manual that looks at the reason for undertaking action to improve pedestrian safety, pedestrian safety in roadway design and land-use planning, prioritizing pedestrian safety interventions and action planning, implementing and evaluation pedestrian safety interventions.

In Ontario, the UN Global Road Safety Week represents an opportunity to refocus attention on the Pedestrian Death Review published by the Ontario Chief Coroner in the fall of 2012:

All of these reports recommend the lowering of speed limits on residential streets from the current 50 kph to 30 kph.  Canada Walks is fully in support of this action.

The City of Vancouver Pedestrian Safety Study is offered as a best practice for municipal planning to improve pedestrian safety:

Parachute Canada has excellent resources for children’s safety as pedestrians:

Let’s work hard to bring attention to pedestrian safety to communities across Ontario between May 6 and May 12th.

Please share your efforts with us via the WALK Friendly Ontario Facebook page and via Twitter (@WALKFriendlyON)

Thank you!


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