When will the next intake of applications for WALK Friendly designation be?
Notification of application intake dates for WALK Friendly Community designations will be posted on the home page of the website. 

Who should complete and submit the application?
The award designation will be given to the Municipality, therefore Municipal Staff will likely take the lead on the application. Community agencies (e.g. public health), NGOs or groups (e.g. the local Active Transportation Committee) may also take the lead. However, we require that community agencies and groups that wish to initiate the process seek approval and support in writing from their local government via resolution of Council, from the CAO/General Manager or another senior staff member with the authority to commit the staff time across departments. A high level of collaboration will be required to gather the information necessary to complete the application for designation. The letter of support should be forwarded via email to khall@greencommunitiescanada.ca. 

Can more than one person contribute to the on-line application?
Each applicant will create a log-in account associated with their application. Applicants can save their work and come back to it later. They can also share their account username and password information with others that are collaborating on the application. Create only ONE account per community.

How long will it take to complete the on-line application?
According to feedback from communities that have been awarded a designation, it will take a team of people between 20-30 person hours to complete the application. We suggest that you assign a point person to coordinate the effort.

We are anxious to get started.  What can we be doing now to begin preparing?

When can a community apply for a higher award level?
With the exception of those that receive Honourable Mention, communities will have to wait 2-3 years before they can apply for a higher designation. This will give them some time to act on the feedback provided in the report from the Review Team. 

Who will be reviewing the applications?
WFO staff will review and fact check all applications. They will then be reviewed and scored by a panel of experts that work in the walkability and active transportation field. The panel includes volunteers various sectors such as transportation, planning, engineering, health, TDM and others. Click here to learn more about our current and past Review Team members.

- How does the scoring work?
Scoring is based on the potential impact on walkability of the content addressed in each question. Points will be awarded based on a combination of standardized scoring for fixed-option questions and a sliding scale based on the judgment of our panel of reviewers.  Some questions may be worth more than others. For example, plans provide a community with a vision to guide action; policies express values and leadership; and infrastructure and design is where plans and policies are reflected on the ground, providing for safe and inviting places for everyday walking. Designations are awarded based on the overall score as well as consensus among the Review Team. See the section on Scoring for more information.